Li Ming

Li Ming was originally supposed to be slated for me to work on for 2017, and I had other plans for 2016. However, real life took quite a bit of good turns and we suddenly had to move to a bigger house. This also meant that I was able to invest in growing much more permanent dedicated space for crafting and even establishing my own in-house photo studio! I enjoyed making Li Ming as it was a reasonably simple, quick, but neat costume to work on. I was able to start and finish this costume in about 3-4 months. This was also the first time I began pursuing live streaming on Twitch and showing people how I make the costume in real time.

During Blizzcon 2016 prep season, Li Ming was one of THREE costumes I was working on simultaneously in preparation for the convention! It was hectic but worthwhile in the end looking back.

Li Ming was one project with a lot of my firsts:

  • First major project in my new house!
  • First time live streaming on Twitch
  • First time releasing armor patterns (see below)

Check out my Twitch Highlights to see more detailed, real-time construction videos!

Year: 2016
First debut: Blizzcon 2016
Time Spent: 4 months


Li Ming Heroes of the Storm Diablo Wizard cosplay cestlasara

Blizzcon 2016 Costume Contest Entry

Check out the making of video:

Patterns Available for Download

Master, Star Princess, and Original Li Ming staves


Li Ming Heroes of the Storm Diablo Wizard cosplay patterns

Armor Patterns – Original skin

Cosplay PDF Patterns

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