Lunar Li Ming

Lunar Li Ming was released early 2017 as part of Li Ming’s (Heroes of the Storm) Lunar New Year skin! The moment I saw these gold trims — I really wanted to cosplay this character. This project was primarily a sewn cosplay project, and this also served as a new challenging opportunity to tackle some new techniques!

Some of my new accomplishments with this costume include:

  • Most comfortable Blizzard costume to date (besides Symmetra)
  • Incorporating more embroidery into the details
  • Getting the dress petals to stabilize and stand up with the use of picture frame wires

Year: 2017
First debut: Blizzcon 2017
Time Spent: 7 months

I thank the following:

Some highlights!


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Want to make your own Lunar Li Ming cosplay?

Click on the links below for patterns!

Making of Video
Blizzcon 2017 Costume Contest Entry
Blizzcon 2017 Virtual Ticket Interview with Jackie Craft 
Here’s how I vectored some of the patterns for Lunar Li Ming’s dress parts!

Patterns Available for Download

Staff pattern

lunar li ming liming lunarliming cosplay diablo heroes of the storm cestlasara

Parts to her dress – FREE Patterns

All vectors done by me, if you use these free patterns, please credit / tag me back! 

All patterns were tailored to my body dimensions. If you use these, you may need to make some modifications to fit your body size.

I will not be providing individual scaling assistance on free patterns. Please see this page for instructions on scaling to your size.

Free Cosplay PDF Patterns

DIY Sewing Mask Tutorial

DIY Sewing Mask Tutorial

This is a modified version of the original tutorial credited here:HOW TO MAKE FACE MASK WITH FILTER POCKET AND ADJUSTABLE WIRE | SEWING TUTORIALI chose this pattern because I wanted: Easy straight cuts (instead of curved) for mass production with my workflow Masks...

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Cosplay Wing Harness Tutorial

Cosplay Wing Harness Tutorial

In this tutorial, I discuss how I attach removable wings to the body with a harness. Mercy from Overwatch has various skins where both an invisible or regular harness may need to be used to achieve that high "wing angle".  For both versions of these wings, I used the...

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PVC Pipe Reference Holder [Tutorial]

PVC Pipe Reference Holder [Tutorial]

Download the 3D Printable file here! I made this as a little tool to hold parts of common PVC pipe sizes used for cosplay from Home Depot. While not in my workshop, I needed a tangible and accurate representation of PVC pipes for 3d modeling with. At least...

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Printing a 1:1 Pattern [Tutorial]

Printing a 1:1 Pattern [Tutorial]

These instructions apply if you have purchased one of C'est La Sara patterns that do not need additional scaling! If the description states that the pattern is a 1:1 scale, please read these instructions carefully. This tutorial is also available in print version...

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