Red Wizard

I made this project as part of a wizards group to debut at Connichi, in Kassel, Germany. This was one of three costumes I made myself and brought to my first travel trip out of the country (with costumes) to Germany. The dress design is originally based off Wei Wang’s concept art, with elements modified for a personal touch with the appliqué designs. The vast majority of this costume is sewn with different methods of applying embellishments, ranging from embroidery to heat transfer vinyl. All the embellishments were hand drawn, scanned, vectored, cut, and placed onto the dress.

Year: 2019
First debut: Labyrinth of Jareth 2019, Connichi 2019
Time spent: 3 months


  • Blizzcon 2019 Top 25 Finalist – Artisan Category, Costume Contest (Community Night)


This was a very personal project to me as I designed the appliqué elements each representing myself and my friends with our preferred aesthetics. I wanted to embody these into the overall construction of the dress without losing too much integrity from the original concept art design. I sought to ensure that this cosplay was still recognizable to the general crowd while wearing these important designs on the dress.

Lukas is passionate about floral designs and excels at his craft. Many of Fynn’s cosplays (Shadowborder Cosplay) include swirls, moons, and circles within the trims he carefully crafts on his projects. I am represented by my fiery personality with fire, and I love using aesthetics from my favorite mythological animal, the phoenix.

Casual Photos

From Labyrinth of Jareth (Los Angeles) and Connichi (Kassel, Germany)

I first brought this dress to the Labyrinth of Jareth Masquerade Ball, held annually at the Millenium Biltmore in Los Angeles, California. This was a test run for me, and I also had the wonderful opportunity of experiencing my first evening there with many others who brought alive their own creative visions alive with beautiful works of costumes to the event!
I then packed this dress to take with me a few days later to Germany, where I worked in collaboration together with renowned photographers Arndt von Koenigsmarck (Fotokross / Vonkoenigsmarck) and Martin (Reflektierte Wahrheit) in showcasing this cosplay. I also thank Lukas and Fynn of team Shadowborder Cosplay for coordinating all of this together to produce beautiful pictures as seen above.

Construction Progress

This red wizard project was inspired by many creative elements I researched in addition to the vision I wanted to create with the embellishment designs and how it blended with the concept art. I was inspired by many other cosplayers who have also pursued this same character, and I credit the following for their designs:

  • Anna of Seattle Cosplay for her comprehensive tutorial for ideas
  • Hillary of Rah-Bop for the writeup on the collaboration she did with Seattle Cosplay for her props and the designs for the crown and bottom / middle corset pieces
  • 9comeback for the phoenix design, which i modified in a vector to cut on the Cricut Maker
  • Beraka for the dragon stencil design, which I also modified in a vector to cut on the Cricut Maker, combining elements from Rah-Bop’s version and Jobielee’s Red Wizard version
  • Shadowborder Cosplay designed my bracers by hand, which I vectored over and made

Blizzcon 2019 Community Night – Top 25 Artisan Category

Completed Overview

Slow-Mo 360 degree shot by Reflektierte Wahrheit

Labyrinth of Jareth Costume Preview

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