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Heroes of the Storm

World of Warcraft





Free Patterns / Downloads

For instructions on printing out these patterns, please see this page!
Disclaimer: Individual support is unavailable for free files. Please use this page as a resource when making your next project, and be sure to print out any paper templates before finalizing for your own adjustments!

Generic Wing Harness for Mercy Wings: ( US LETTER | A4 | Tabloid 11×17 inches | Laser Cut File – *.SVG, *.EPS., *.AI-  )

Generic Wing Harness for Mercy Wings: ( US LETTER | A4 | Tabloid 11×17 inches | Laser Cut File – *.SVG, *.EPS., *.AI-)

Faebelina’s Atlanta Reign Mercy Wings: ( US LETTER | A4 | 36″ x 55″ inches wide format 1:1 scale | Laser Cut files )

PVC Pipe Reference 3D Print STL file

Star Guardian Lux, Janna, Jinx, Lulu, Poppy Staves (League of Legends) – PDF US Letter Only


Star Guardian Soraka Staff (League of Legends) PDF (US Letter, A4)


Elementalist Lux – All 10 Skins Staves (League of Legends) PDF(US Letter, A4)


Heartseeker Ashe (League of Legends) Bow PDF (US Letter, A4)


Classic Leona (League of Legends) – Sword, Shield, Crown PDF (US Letter, A4)


Iron Solari Leona (League of Legends) – Sword and Shield PDF (US Letter, A4)


valeera sanguinar cosplay pattern pdf download blueprint printable

Valeera Sanguinar’s Daggers (Master, Original, Demon Hunter Skins – Heroes of the Storm) – PDF Pattern


Blood Elf Tyrande Bow – PDF Pattern


love goddess tyrande cosplay pdf pattern

Love Goddess Tyrande Bow – PDF Pattern


Jaina Proudmoore Heroes of the Storm Pattern

Jaina Proudmoore’s Cape – Heroes of the Storm – PDF Pattern


medivh Heroes of the Storm World of Warcraft Cosplay

Medivh’s Shoulders + Staff – PDF Patterns


li ming cosplay armor pattern pdf printable cestlasara kit heroes of the storm

Li Ming Armor – PDF Pattern


Master, Star Princess, and Original Li Ming staves – PDF Pattern


blood elf emblem warcraft vector cestlasara printable cosplay pattern blueprint

Blood Elf Emblem – PDF Pattern

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Cosplay PDF Patterns

Cosplay Wing Harness Tutorial

Cosplay Wing Harness Tutorial

In this tutorial, I discuss how I attach removable wings to the body with a harness. Mercy from Overwatch has various skins where both an invisible or regular harness may need to be used to achieve that high "wing angle".  For both versions of these wings, I used the...

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PVC Pipe Reference Holder [Tutorial]

PVC Pipe Reference Holder [Tutorial]

Download the 3D Printable file here! I made this as a little tool to hold parts of common PVC pipe sizes used for cosplay from Home Depot. While not in my workshop, I needed a tangible and accurate representation of PVC pipes for 3d modeling with. At least...

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Printing a 1:1 Pattern [Tutorial]

Printing a 1:1 Pattern [Tutorial]

These instructions apply if you have purchased one of C'est La Sara patterns that do not need additional scaling! If the description states that the pattern is a 1:1 scale, please read these instructions carefully. This tutorial is also available in print version...

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